Abrade Consulting helps leading education Institute drive innovation in a sector that is both unique and evolving.

We are a trusted advisor to education Institution and private equity firms investing in and competing across the entire student life cycle – from Pre-K through Guiding, Nurturing & Shaping . We help educational institutions and the vendors that support them succeed.

Our Global Education Services Practice has extensive knowledge of the strategic and operating realities of the education sector. It’s not enough to implement the latest technology. Schools have to deploy it strategically to truly transform teaching and learning. Following these six steps can help.

” To guide and suggest students the best career options for them which suit their core abilities so that they can easily and timely come out of ambiguity and be conducive to country’s social and economical reforms.”

Areas of Focus

  • Pre-K/nursery
  • K-12 (primary and secondary)
  • Higher education
  • Professional certification
  • Corporate training
  • Human capital management